Tom Claassen was born in Heerlen, in the Netherlands in 1964. In the mid-80s, he attended the St. Joost attended the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Breda, the Netherlands. He has been active in the Netherlands and abroad for more than twenty years.

Claassen has employed an astounding variety of materials for his sculptures, including marble, sand, silicone rubber, cast iron, concrete, aluminum, bronze, plaster, polyester, polystyrene, polyurethane, and wooden logs with the bark still on. Some of these he turns these into abstract forms, while others take on blocky human shapes, and still others mimic common objects, such as playing cards, a camping tent, a curtain, and full burlap sacks.

His work can be seen at NewArtCentre in Wiltshire, England, and in the collection of the Krsller-Muller Museum in Otterlo, Netherlands. His work has also been exhibited in shows in Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and France, as well as the in 4th Biennial of Istanbul, Turkey, and the 23rd Biennial of Sáo Paolo in Brazil.