In April 2008, the City of St. Louis and Gateway Foundation broke ground on Citygarden, and in just over a year, the two blocks between Eighth and Tenth Streets had been transformed from ordinary park property to one of the most extraordinary urban gardens in the country.

While the transformation itself is remarkable, equally remarkable are the numbers behind that transformation. Here are a few of the more extraordinary Citygarden numbers:

Linear feet of water lines: 10,000

Linear feet of electrical conduit, mostly used for lighting and water feature control wiring: 23,000

Linear feet of sewer lines: 3,300

Linear feet of irrigation lines: 27,000

Linear feet of special drainage lines: 8,000

Vertical jets in the Spray Plaza: 102

Blocks of Missouri limestone, quarried in Perryville, in the Arc Wall: 1,200

Truckloads of rubble hauled from the build site: 400

Depth below street level excavated, in feet: 8

Weight of heaviest tree, a White Oak, imported into Citygarden, in pounds: 80,000

Construction Timelapse