What are Citygarden's hours of operation?

Citygarden shares the same hours as all parks in the St. Louis Department of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry: sunrise to 10 pm daily, 365 days a year.

Is there a fee to enter Citygarden?

No, Citygarden is free to the public.

Are tours of Citygarden available?

Yes, Citygarden offers Self-Guided Tours for our visitors and school groups.

Citygarden welcomes groups of all ages and abilities offering self-guided tours designed to inspire educators, parents and students alike. Our self-guided tours are ideal for teachers who want to engage their students in a flexible outdoor art experience. Materials are available for download under GROUPS AND TOURS.

Are audio tours of Citygarden available?

Yes, Citygarden has an audio tour available via our free App for Android or iPhone that are designed to enhance the connection between visitors and the garden’s 24 sculptures.

The audio tour is also available through our website or downloadable as an mp3 version, under ART.

The App uses interactive GPS mapping to guide visitors through a tour of the garden, providing information, the audio tour segments, changing images and interactive directions for each one of Citygarden’s 24 sculptures. Available through Google Play and the App Store.

Do I need to make special arrangements if I want to bring a group to Citygarden?

Due to the small size of Citygarden, the capacity to host large groups is limited. Please limit the size of your group to less than 30, especially during summer.

If you would like to bring a group of 20 or more children to the park for water play and recreation, please call 314-241-3337 or email info@citygardenstl.org at least two weeks in advance of your visit.

Please remember the group sponsor must provide adequate adult supervision. One adult per 10 children is recommended. It is further recommended that all supervisors read GUIDELINES AND SAFETY. The safety of children who are brought to Citygarden is the sole responsibility of their caregivers.

Is the garden available for weddings and other private events?

No. The garden is not designed for private events and is intended for the enjoyment of the public.

Is there security at Citygarden?

The City of St. Louis provides security, as it does for any of its properties. Additionally, security personnel are on site 24 hours a day, every day, and security cameras provide 24/7 camera observation. Finally, the site was designed to be well lit for evening use.

Is Citygarden accessible to people with disabilities?

All of Citygarden is ADA compliant. Handicapped parking is available at 8th and Chestnut Streets and Market and 9th Streets.

Are scooters allowed in Citygarden?

No, for the safety of all of our visitors, Citygarden does not permit the use of scooters, skateboards, bicycles, Segways, roller-skates, in-line skates, personal transporters, or other similar conveyances in the park.

Are dogs allowed in Citygarden?

Yes, but dogs must be leashed at all times. In accordance with City law, please use the baggies you'll find in the park to clean up after your pet and help us keep Citygarden clean. Dogs are not allowed in Citygarden's pools.

Are there places to eat in Citygarden?

Yes, Kaldi's at Citygarden features a new twist on their classic menu including brunch items and some menu items specific to the cafe. It's the perfect spot to grab a coffee while enjoying the beautiful downtown scenery. For a guide to other restaurants in the area, please click here.

If you bring your own picnic, you are welcome to find a spot, but barbeques, glass and picnic furniture are prohibited.

Is alcohol permitted in Citygarden?


How can I request a brochure about Citygarden?

Site brochures are available in the park, in boxes located around the central walking paths. You may request a brochure by sending your mailing address in an email to: info@citygardenstl.org.

Where can I inquire about lost-and-found items?

If still in the park, please go to the Security office at 9th and Chestnut Streets. If not, please call 314-241-3337 or email info@citygardenstl.org to make your inquiry.

Are Citygarden souvenirs available?

Yes, order our book. Please Touch: Sculpture for a City is available at Kaldi's at Citygarden or by contacting us at info@gateway-foundation.org.


Who selected the sculpture?

Gateway Foundation's board of trustees chose all 24 pieces of sculpture.

Was all the art acquired new, or did you already own some of it? In other words, was it all acquired for this space? Were any pieces commissioned for this space?

Gateway Foundation already owned two of the 24 sculptures. The rest were acquired for this space through galleries and dealers. There is only one commissioned work: Big White Gloves, Big Four Wheels, by Jim Dine.

What were the criteria for selecting the 24 pieces?

The two dozen pieces show great variety: in size - from monumental to human scale; in medium - bronze,stainless steel, cast aluminum, polyester and fiberglass, and LED, among others; and in style and mood - from whimsical, tongue-in-cheek, and fun to somber and mysterious; from figurative and classical to abstract; from elegant, lyrical, and sensuous to geometrical and edgy and surprising. But two qualities apply to every one of the 24 pieces: extraordinary quality, and an intention of stimulating a relationship with the viewer. Like Citygarden itself, the art is meant to engage.

Ownership and Financial

Who owns Citygarden?

Under a cooperation agreement approved by the City of St. Louis and Gateway Foundation in July 2007, the City owns the site improvements and will continue to own the land. The not-for-profit Gateway Foundation provided the funding for the design and construction of Citygarden, and owns the art, has agreed to maintain the site for the next 15 years.

What is the cost of the garden? Who is paying for it?

Gateway Foundation has invested $25-$30 million for design, construction, and front-end "soft costs," such as legal support, education materials, financing, anticipated expenses for security and insurance, etc. The cost of the sculpture purchased by Gateway Foundation is additional. Going forward, the foundation will pay for all costs of Citygarden except water and electricity.

What is the Gateway Foundation?

Founded in 1985 by Aaron Fischer, a St. Louis businessman, and his wife, Teresa, the Gateway Foundation seeks to enrich life and culture in the St. Louis area by supporting efforts to improve and enhance public spaces, as well as acquire, create and place public art around the St. Louis region. From prominent public sites downtown to community college campuses in St. Louis County, the Foundation has purchased and installed 26 sculptures in the area, not counting the 24 pieces at Citygarden. The Foundation also has arranged for and funded the lighting of the Gateway Arch, the Old Courthouse, the Civil Courts Building, the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park, and other prominent structures, and has funded the building of numerous city playgrounds and parks. More information is available at www.gateway-foundation.org.