1. Pool Monitors are on duty Memorial Day to Labor Day, 10 am to 8 pm weather permitting.
  2. Fountains are on from April 1 to November 1.
  3. No diapers in any water features: Voyage Pool, Lower Basin Pool, Spray Plaza or the Entry Plaza. (“Swim diapers” are OK.)
  4. No dogs permitted in pools (OK in spray plaza).
  5. No jumping off of anything into the water.
  6. Pools open at 10 am, but only if a Pool Monitor is present. All pools close at 8 pm.
  7. No sitting, running, standing, or sliding on granite edge of Voyage Pool.
  8. No more than three (3) children are allowed on the Voyage Boat Sculpture at one time.
  9. No more than twelve (12) children are allowed in the Voyage Pool at one time. Younger children have priority.
  10. No one is permitted in the Upper Basin or the Waterfall.
  11. No toys, splashing or rough-housing so as to make it unpleasant for others in or around the pools.
  12. No lounging in pools by adults.
  13. Care-givers must be present when children in their charge are in pools.
  14. No running across the rocks or around the Lower Basin pool.
  15. Any behavior in pools or spray plaza making it unsafe for that person or others in the area is prohibited.
  16. Park monitors may warn violators of infractions one time and after that violators may be asked to leave the pool and/or the park.